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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Tree

So this last Sunday. Ruben, Lucciano and I put up the christmas tree it looks very nice. I am going to post some pictures. We are very excited to be having our first christmas in our Condo. We are going to spend christmas with Ruben's family in Portland. Then for New Year we are planning on going up to Washington for Katie to cut my hair and to celebrate the New Year with my family. Everything is going well with us at this moment. Ruben is trying to survive another Oregon winter. He does not like the cold very much but he will live. Otherwise the baby has been treating me well. I am very sensative to smells right now but we are still moving forward. We are getting more and more excited everyday. I am hoping to have a baby shower sometime up in Washington so my family and friends in Washington share this joy with us. So I will let you know when that ends up being. I can't wait to see this little baby of ours.