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Monday, November 23, 2009

Majenta's vocab update

Counts to three. Good Morning. Turkey (because of Thanksgiving). Please (she can also sign please in sign language.) Shoes. Thank you. Tickle (while she tries to tickle you). Eyes. Nose. Ears. Ouch. Uh oh. Bye Bye (and she waves). Hi or Halo (which is how you sometimes say it is spanish). Knock Knock (while knocking on a door). More (she can also sign more in sign language). Dog. Nice (as she strokes your face on your cheek). Wow. Papi. Ball. Nano (which is brother in spanish). Mama. Gaga (Garren sitter's grandson) Ki ki. (Kiara friend that is watched by same sitter). Mimi (what she calls the sitter). No. Mine. Sit down. Done. Get down. She also says tweet tweet and Vroom ( when she is in the car)