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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30th Birthday Event

Well my friends decided to take me to a Drag Queen show up in Portland but before I went my friend and co-worker Natalie took me shopping got my makeup done. I was all gussied up. I felt very cute. I got some fake eye lashes which were cool. We got ready and drove up to the place called Darcelle's. I have only been to a Drag Queen show once but this one was a really funny show. We got there and got our picture taken with Darcelle which was fun. Darcelle tells jokes and also recongnized everyone that had a birthday which we spoke into a microphone telling her our age and where we were from. They also sent me home with a audio tape of the show so I could hear myself on the show. I had a blast. We watched a bunch of drag queens show there stuff (not literally). I will have pictures later my friend still needs to give them to me.

Thank you Natalie for having the idea I had a TON of fun this was my best birthday ever. Usually I try not to make a big deal about it so this was a first. Happy 30 to me.


The Hayes Family said...

Where are the pix??

Sarah said...

Move to Michigan, sister.