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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Majenta's first pony tail

Here is Majenta's first pony tail. Her hair is just long enough to stay up. She is so cute. She was watching Dora the Explorer in Spanish that is why I was able to get a picture otherwise she was running all over trying to to avoid the camera.

Here are some other pictures that I found when I was uploading these ones I will have to figure out when they were because my camera did not have the date set so I don't have record. That is going to be fun.

This is Lucciano getting his orange belt

This is Lucciano getting his green belt

These two pictures are at Tia Vanessa's house. These are Majenta's cousin's sunglasses. So cute.

I don't remember when I took these pictures but it was around when Majenta was new with having pigtails. That was the reason why I was taking pictures. Plus she is just cute.

This is at Majenta's 1st Birthday

This is Jan 2010. This is the first time I had her draw me a picture. She was having a lot of fun taking the lid off and on the markers.


grandmasmith said...

Aren't you having fun with your darling little girl that has all of that hair! How fun! Hope to see you the end of the month.

Sarah said...

She has a TON of hair! I love it. She is SO adorable! Nicely done Debbie!

Debbie Barberan said...

I am lovin' it. Yeah Grandma I hear you are going to come to Katie's Baby Shower that will be nice to see you.