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Monday, February 22, 2010

Reigning Down on Oregon

I went to a bellydancing event this weekend and it was awesome. I did solo while I was there but was not to happy with my performance so we won't talk much about that. I did have fun doing it and that is all that matters and I also am learning each time I screw up so you live and you learn. The event was thrown together by my friends and troupe that I use to tribal dance with. It was awesome. It had a good amount of workshops and they had awesome vendors there. I got myself some pants a cool bussle and I ordered a new skirt for my bellydancing. I will be taking pictures and putting them on so you can see how cool they are. I am excited for this event again. They are planning on doing it every year. It is just nice to hang out with my girls and dress up in the middle of the woods. You meet a lot of good people at these types of events. Just great people. Tons of fun.